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Jim Dowsett


Jim has been in the financial service industry for 18 years. He was a builder for 26 years before Jim started in financial services. It is during this time that he learned how to get on with people and use common sense to help solve their problems. Working in collaboration with his clients, Jim help put their minds at rest knowing they’ve done the best possible job of protecting themselves.

Being great at problem-solving, he assists his clients at claim time when they are most vulnerable.  Jim does not get paid for the service he offers during this difficult time but because he is passionate about delivering a great job to his clients, he says nothing beats the feeling of satisfaction in having a 100% claim paid track record.

Jim Dowse

Chris Dowsett


Chris manages the entire practice to ensure that we remain both compliant, and operate efficiently.


She has many years of management experience in this role, keeping our practice ticking over, allowing everyone else to focus on their own roles.


Nicky Doyle


Nicky is your first point of contact when you call in. She has an infectious giggle and a bubbly personality. Nicky will ensure that your query goes to the correct person.

She is very efficient and can resolve most queries quickly and directly.   

Kylie Hina


Kylie’s role is to ensure that your insurance applications are handled quickly and efficiently. She follows up on any underwriting queries, ensuring you receive a prompt and fair response.

Kylie is very efficient and you can be sure your application is being advanced as quickly as possible.

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